New Look 6000: Polka Dot Frock Fest

New Look 6000 Polka Dot Frock Fest!

New Look 6000 Polka Dot Frock Fest!

Being still relatively new to this blogging/ sewing thing, I am discovering new sewing blogs every day that the rest of you have probably been aware of forever! A few weeks back, I came across Scruffy Badger Time’s brilliant blog, and she had just announced her February Challenge – Polka Dot Frock Fest.  The challenge was simple enough: make a polka dot version of the much loved New Look 6000 (currently 23 reviews on – I am sure this number looks set to rise following this challenge!)

I had New Look 6000 in my stash, so it was an excuse to try it out. I confess, I probably wouldn’t have selected polka dots as my first choice for this sewing project, and did go through a bit of a “why did I say I would do this challenge?” moment, but then came across this navy stretch cotton sateen at my local market, and the decision was made. Lately, I have been making muslins for most things I sew, but this time, I decided to use my TNT sheath New Look 6123 pattern as a “sloper” of sorts.

New Look 6000 runs to a size 16, but I knew this would not be enough for my hips. The alteration was simple enough: I simply laid my TNT New Look 6123 pattern over the New Look 6000 pattern (matching waistline markings), and traced around the extra inches I needed onto extra paper I had taped onto New Look 6000. A picture can tell a thousand words…have a look:

Pattern alteration of New Look 6123 - back piece

Pattern alteration of New Look 6123 – back piece

Here is the front of the envelope picture:

New Look 6000 pattern envelope

New Look 6000 pattern envelope

I chose to make view C, without the collar. Enlarging the front piece pattern with the pleats was a little tricky: I measured the difference between the size 14 and the size 16 and just enlarged the waist a size, but then used my TNT measurements to enlarge the hips etc. I didn’t move the position of the darts/ pleats. When I made New Look 6123 I felt the darts were ok. Hey, all in good time!

The dress came together very quickly. I didn’t line it, and that may prove to be a mistake as it does cling to my tights, but I can’t get hold of stretch lining locally, and (if we ever get a summer) I think the lining would have made the thick cotton a tad uncomfortable in the tropical weather we are definitely going to get in the UK this summer (haha).


New Look 6000

I didn’t bother using a facing at the neckline: I used bias facing. I decided to add contrasting mustard buttons at the cuffs, and a mustard coloured exposed zip at the back (used Gertie’s tutorial for a clean, easy finish).

New Look 6000 - mustard button detail at cuff.

New Look 6000 – mustard button detail at cuff.

New Look 6000 - mustard exposed zip detail.

New Look 6000 – mustard exposed zip detail.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with this dress. I thought it was a bit to baggy in the front, and sewed some of the pleats so they extended further to try and improve the fit. Also, I think I would prefer to have more shaping on the bust.

New Look 6000 close up of side pleats.

New Look 6000 close up of side pleats.

Anyway, thanks to Winnie for coming up with this challenge….it made me:

  1. Try New Look 6000
  2. Try using my TNT pattern as a sloper – it worked ok I think – see my pattern review below for full details
  3. Try Polka Dots – don’t have any in my wardrobe!

I can’t wait to see every one else’s versions!

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Misses’ retro style dress with front, sleeve and neck variations.

Pattern Sizing:

4 – 16. I enlarged one size at the waist and maybe a couple of sizes more at the hips.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes. Note, I sewed my pleats on the wrong side. Doesn’t bother me, but easily done.

Were the instructions easy to follow?


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I like the sleeves and the cuffs. Apparently sleeve length that ends at the elbow draws the eye to your waist, which is a good thing IMO. I don’t like the fact there is no shaping around the bust, but I think if you select the right fabric this is not such a huge issue. I also think the front is a little baggy…this is due to my alterations possibly, and I would alter if making again.

Fabric Used:

Stretch cotton sateen.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

This pattern runs to a size 16, but I knew this would not be enough for my hips. The alteration was simple enough: I simply laid my TNT New Look 6123 pattern over the New Look 6000 pattern (matching waistline markings), and traced around the extra inches I needed onto extra paper I had taped onto New Look 6000.

I omitted the facing at the neckline and used bias facing. I added 2 inches to the length. I used an exposed zip in a contrasting colour for a bit of fun.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Hmmmm…not sure I would sew it again myself….or maybe I would try another view. Yes, I would recommend to others.


A great, fun, easy to wear dress that came together very quickly.

New Look 6000

New Look 6000


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I love to shop, but I also love to sew my own clothes, and am currently on a mission to improve my (fairly basic) dressmaking skills. I confess to going into shops and being outraged at the prices of some (not very well made) garments (is it an age thing?) and think "huh, I could make some thing at least as good as that for less" (is it something to do with coming from the Indian subcontinent?) So this blog details my sewing endeavours, both good and bad....I love to nosey through other people's sewing everyone can get to see mine.

39 responses to “New Look 6000: Polka Dot Frock Fest”

  1. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    I love this, you look fantastic. Super cute dress and what a great fit. I think you should consider this pattern again for a spring/summer dress.

    • sewmanju says :

      Thanks Beth. Actually have just taken the dress off. Wore it today to go for a walk in the woods and for a pub lunch and playing with my little girl and it was very comfy and kept its shape. So you maybe right…the right fabric in the summer it might be a keeper!

  2. janezan says :

    Manuu, I love this dress so much, I think it might be my next sewing project!

  3. janezan says :

    It will probably take me about 6 months to make – that’s how long it took my current project!

  4. Renata says :

    OMG – Your work is simply beautiful. I love the kick of color with your zipper. I went out tonight and got that pattern 🙂

  5. Marlene Hiestand says :

    Thank you for posting. I’ve been struggling trying to fit this dress because I had to add so much to the hips, while keeping a narrow upper chest. I think I’m to the point of making it with fabric and I believe the cotton sateen might just be what I will use. Very cute dress and a beautiful woman modeling it.

  6. Scruffy badger says :

    Wow, it’s a stunner!! It looks amazing on you, I think you’re right, i can imagine how a sateen weight is perfect for this dress, and a bit of stretch makes a sheath dress so much more comfortable and practical to wear. But, lets get back to the styling….the polka dots are sooooo cute, but your mustard buttons and exposed zipper work as a perfect contrast, and the exposed zip gives it an edge. It’s also great to see the pleated waist…I’ve finally cut mine out and am wondering how easy it will be to fit if I’m in between sizes – it’s a much easier option to take darts in a bit more, but those waist pleats…..we shall see!! Well done for being the first to finish and tell me! I will include your beauty in my next update post 🙂

  7. prttynpnk says :

    I have been slightly daunted by my cut out ready to try version- yours is so lovely, it makes me want to get right in there and start sewing this morning!

  8. Caje says :

    What a great dress on you. Having the alterations in the picture is really useful. Thanks!

  9. cjgal says :

    Love this dress! The exposed zipper is such a nice, unexpected surprise. Makes it very modern, you look fabs!

  10. Sam says :

    Hi there, just found your blog from Scruffy Badger’s latest post on hers. Your dress is lovely. I really like the contrast exposed zip, and it looks fab with those gorgeous red shoes!

  11. Jenni says :

    Just linked here from Scruffy Badger and wow what a fabulous frock! thanks for the help with sizing up too, may have to sort myself out and take part too now :o) Jenni

  12. Sally @ thequirkypeach says :

    This dress is SOOOOO cute! I love the mustard yellow buttons and zipper! So cute and classy 🙂 I may have to get in on this frock fest!

  13. Francesca says :

    Wow! I love it! I was considering doing this challenge as I adore polka dots and this pattern is so cute– but I am quite a newbie to sewing so I don’t know if I can pull it off. Yours is so pretty you’ve inspired me to try- thank you!

  14. Shannon says :

    Beautiful dress! Thanks for sharing your grading tips.

  15. Houseofpinheiro says :

    So pretty.. Great job x

  16. Adrienne says :

    Could you be any more adorable?? The dress is lovely! well done. 🙂

  17. sylkotwist says :

    Just found your blog via Scruffy Badger, your dress is gorgeous! I am just pre washing my cotton sateen, so good to see yours worked out well, I have to get cracking but you’ve inspired me! That exposed zip is great too x

  18. sewinsteady says :

    This turned out SO cute! I love the zipper and buttons, especially. 🙂

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