Simplicity 2365: DIY animal print tunic top

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Hello there Friends,

After my fairly time consuming quilted jacket, I decided to do something easy. This tunic top is made using Simplicity 2365, a top I have made before. I confess, I have worn the first version of this top maybe once. Why? I felt it was too short to wear with jeans and, whilst not tight, was just a tad snug at the bust. This time around I added two inches to the length and about 0.25 inches at each of the front princess seams. There probably wasn’t any need to do this, as the fabric I made this in has a slight crinkle effect and so it’s more forgiving that the cotton I used last time.

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Speaking of the fabric, it’s this one, purchased from Stone Fabrics ages ago. With house move looming I am trying to sew as much from my stash and this is another such fabric. It is a wool challis. It’s the first time I have worked with this fabric. I will be honest, I ordered this fabric (without ordering a swatch, tsk) simply because I loved the look of the animal print. When it arrived, I was a bit taken aback, having never worked with wool challis, I was surprised with the feel of it…I didn’t really know what to make of it. It is very light weight, almost sheer, and this particular fabric has a slight creased effect. But, anyway, I pre-washed the fabric (using non-biological detergent on a delicate cycle), and it seems to be fine. I serged all the insides. Oh, and I used a Palmer/Pletsch sheer fusible interfacing for the collar, sleeve bands and tabs. There is a great write-up on wool challis here on

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

It’s still too cold to really wear this top in all it’s glory, but I can throw a cardigan over it and it will work now. But when the weather warms up I think I will wear this top LOTS. It is just so light and airy and comfortable. I know it’s hard to see the details, but there are 10 little tucks in the front and tabs on the sleeves. I wish I had had enough fabric to cut the longer length sleeves but no matter.

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic - close up

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic – close up

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

I really wanted to make this top to join in with Anne’s Jungle January. There were some great pieces featured. Animal print is a neutral in my book…year round suitability. Be brave and rwaaaarrrrr!

Until next time….

p.s. I have just seen that I am the “Member in Focus” over at….head over if you want to find out more about me.

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic

Simplicity 2365 animal print tunic


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24 responses to “Simplicity 2365: DIY animal print tunic top”

  1. Hayley says :

    That looks so great on you! Especially with the skinny jeans. And I love those shoes btw!

  2. Angela says :

    A very flattering and wearable top. Congratulations on being PR’s member in focus:)

  3. Fiona M says :

    That is really lovely, nice work!

  4. Ginny says :

    Fantastic! Perfect combo of pattern & fabric resulting in a super flattering garment — well done :D!

  5. Rachel M says :

    That’s a great blouse. It really suits you. I particularly like the neckline and button details. Rachel

  6. Julie says :

    You have chosen a great fabric to make this top in and the style really suits you. I have looked at this pattern several times but never bought it. I love your version.

  7. Amanda S. says :

    Lovely top! The little tucks make it unique. I can see this going with lots in your closet.

  8. Roberta Fahrni says :

    It really looks great on you! Well done!

  9. prttynpnk says :

    I want, I want, I want!!!!!

  10. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    that is such a cute outfit, and I never noticed that pattern before, now I think I need to get it.
    congrats on being the PR member in focus – great profile. I always love to see what patterns you choose.

  11. Preethi says :

    Looks very flattering. Nice choice of pattern and fabric.

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