New Look 6000: DIY Shift Dress or The “Readers You Were Right” Dress….

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

Hello Readers,

How are you all? We have had a couple of glorious days of much needed sunshine here, and then we have gone back to cold, foggy blah. But it was dry/ bright enough for me to snap a few shots of this dress before we went to church this morning.

Do you remember this dress? It is New Look 6000. I made it last year, and it featured in my Top 5 of 2013, as one of my Top 5 Misses. This was my first version:

New Look 6000 Polka Dot Frock Fest!

New Look 6000 Polka Dot Frock Fest!

I featured this as one of my Top 5 Misses of last year because I felt it just wasn’t  my style. It was a combination of the polka dots, together with the cuffs.

Anyway, when I featured it as a Miss, a few of you left comments saying you felt this dress was a good pattern on me. Never let it be said I don’t value what my Readers say! I thought about it, and decided to give this pattern another shot. What do you think of version 2?

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

I didn’t make any fitting changes other than I swapped the elbow length cuffed sleeves for short ones (which are pleated at the top – I like the structural look they give!) The fabric is, like last time, a cotton/ elastane mix. It is, again, unlined, and this time I used the facings that were included in the pattern envelope.

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

New Look 6000

Overall, I think this dress is much more ME! I love the print. It isn’t an animal print, but it has almost a snake skin look to it. And it is neutral in colour, which means I can combine it with lots of other colours…like red shoes 🙂

So, I would like to say a huge thank you to Angelique from Black Label, Fiona from Seams Straightforward, Jean Margaret from Sew, Jean Margaret and Leah who all had the wisdom to speak up and tell me that this pattern was a good look on me, and gave me the encouragement to try this pattern again in a fabric that I love. Sometimes, we have to have the courage to listen to what others tell us in a positive way and not be down on ourselves. And that’s what’s great about being part of this world-wide sewing community!

Have a great week ahead!

New Look 6000

New Look 6000






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About sewmanju

I love to shop, but I also love to sew my own clothes, and am currently on a mission to improve my (fairly basic) dressmaking skills. I confess to going into shops and being outraged at the prices of some (not very well made) garments (is it an age thing?) and think "huh, I could make some thing at least as good as that for less" (is it something to do with coming from the Indian subcontinent?) So this blog details my sewing endeavours, both good and bad....I love to nosey through other people's sewing everyone can get to see mine.

57 responses to “New Look 6000: DIY Shift Dress or The “Readers You Were Right” Dress….”

  1. Carolyn says :

    You do look great in this version!

  2. sewbusylizzy says :

    This looks GREAT! I also like the print & lighter colour on you. Fab job.

  3. prttynpnk says :

    This is snazzy and I love it on you- great fabric upgrade, too!

  4. Marlene says :

    I love this style on you and LOVE this print!

  5. Maggie says :

    The print is gorgeous, and the dress is a classic. You look fantastic! Definitely a keeper 🙂

  6. Fiona M says :

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, and bravo to you for trying the pattern again! 🙂

  7. Tracy H says :

    What a difference fabric choice can make. Lovely dress well done for giving this pattern another try this is definitely a winner

  8. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    Yes I knew that was a great shape on you, much better version, very sophisticated and perfect shoes with it, looks great.

  9. Yvette says :

    This version looks better:-) You look great!! The dress shape suits you and the sleeves look perfect (I love the fabric!!). The polka dot version didn’t do you justice and the sleeve length was too long for you. Great job!!

  10. Ginny says :

    Wow, love this version — extremely flattering! And perhaps an early contender for the best 5 of 2014!

  11. Sam says :

    Yes! This dress is fabulous on you! I’ve made the plain version several times and love them all, have yet to try this pleated version.

    • sewmanju says :

      Thanks Sam. Yes, it’s a great basic pattern to have on hand. I should try the plain version sometime….

    • Ana says :

      Hi you all. I made this dress for a wedding and it seems to me that the neckline was crooked, after making the pleads, the shoulders look one larger than the other. Any subjestions. Thanks

  12. Rachel M says :

    This dress is great on you. The shorter sleeves make a difference and balance off the dress. Why don’t you change the spotty dress to shorter sleeves, I think you would prefer it?

  13. Jane says :

    You look lovely. The pattern & fabric look perfect together. And I think you could save the polka-dot version by changing the sleeves to a cap style.

  14. Gjeometry says :

    Gorgeous! It’s definitely you and I just love your fabric.

  15. Roberta Fahrni says :

    I think it looks great – it is a classic style. I love your choice of fabric.

  16. carriethompson says :

    It looks great!! And I love that fabric paired with those bright red shoes, they really pop!

  17. myrosesindecember says :

    Version number 2 is just wonderful and seems to suit you so much more, in every way! The pattern is a definite keeper and fabrics like the one in version 2 seem to be very flattering to you. Great job with the end result and that you were willing to try it again!

  18. danvillegirl says :

    I really like both dresses on you; the second version is a true winner. I think the shorter sleeves and no cuffs was a good design change. I really like the fabric also!

  19. Robin says :

    This dress is a winner on you! The sleeve change makes a big difference. I agree with the comment above that you might be able to rescue the polka dot version by changing the sleeves. This is what I love about sewing clothes – the challenge of not only finding the right pattern but getting the fit right and finding the best fabric for both the pattern and the wearer! I’m still learning on all fronts and posts like yours help! Thanks

  20. Jennifer Stratford says :

    What a fantastic looking dress – you look great! I love the print that you used also. I didn’t mind the original version – but the change of sleeve is certainly a winner.

  21. black label says :

    OH OH OH……..OOOOOH this pattern is YOU. My goodness, your newest version of this pattern is downright gorgeous. I think the fabric is a perfect match & you look incredible in this. I loved the polka version too – still one of my fav’s of your me-mades 🙂 Well done for giving this another shot. Absolutely stunning.

  22. Meigan says :

    Wonderful new version! It’s hard to believe that’s the same pattern. You are right, this is much more flattering. I think the larger print with the lower contrast is much better on you. Great fabric choice, and thanks for the encouragement to try a pattern ‘miss’ again! 🙂

  23. goodbyevalentino says :

    This dress is lovely on you! Amazing how the slightest changes can make the biggest differences! Congratulations on turning this pattern into a winner 🙂

  24. Mette says :

    You look great in this dress – and you just inspired me to try out the same pattern. I bought it just two minutes ago and can’t wail to get started. Great fabric choice too!

  25. leah99 says :

    Yay! Looks perfect on you! Especially with the red shoes. Though I am still partial to the polka dots and cuffs 😉

  26. Peggy Aronson says :

    Yes, they were right—stunning!

  27. HouseOFpinheiro (@HouseOFpinheiro) says :

    looks lovely, and i prefer this version altho i agreed that the pokadot was cute too

  28. Leigh Ann says :

    Wow, I really like that! You look great,

  29. Helen says :

    You look just stunning!!!

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