Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167: DIY Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Pants Trousers


Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167 Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Lurex Pants

Hi Friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and it was my birthday a week or so ago, so with those two occassions in mind this outfit was created. Velvet and Jacquard are both totally on trend for the forthcoming festive season, and this outfit is just so easy to wear.


Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167 Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Lurex Pants

I know lots of people are going to ask, so let me tell you both of these fabrics were purchased from eBay sellers. The silk/ viscose velvet came from this seller who I have never used before, but the fabric is a beautiful quality (20% silk, 80% viscose) and the seller was prompt in all their communications and delivery was fast (a couple of days). Also, I prewashed  my fabric before cutting and whilst there was some amount of shrinkage I am happy I won’t have to pay any further drycleaning costs. The lurex/ jacquard fabric (which has a little bit of stretch) was purchased from this seller who I have used many times before and I do like. Not being paid anything to advertise on behalf of these sellers btw!

I am not going to write much about the trousers (made using Simplicity 1167) because this is the third (!) time I have sewn them up (you can see the first time here and the second time here). The only changes made this time round was to shave 0.25 inches off the inner legs at the back and shorten the length by 6 inches. I love them! I have said it before but, wow, having trousers that fit me! Mind blowing!


Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167 Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Lurex Pants

So, next the top. This was made using Butterick 6157, which is a see&sew pattern. I know the pattern envelope is not all that inspiring, but this pattern is a great basic pattern and great value for money in that it also comes with different cup sizes included. I selected this pattern in particular with the velvet in mind because the pattern includes back/ neck facings which I think are a better option than topstitching on the velvet. I ended up having to piece my front facing and I chose to overlock all my seam allowances to finish. Full review below.


Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167 Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Lurex Pants


Butterick 6157 Silk Velvet Tee front facing


Butterick 6157 Silk Velvet Tee back facing

Some notes on how I treated/ sewed my velvet:

  • I chose to cut my velvet with the pile going up i.e. it feels rough when stroked downwards because I felt the colour was richer in this orientation.
  • I used silk pins to pin my fabric together.
  • I used a walking foot throughout construction. This fabric is quite shifty and if sewing again I would probably use basting in addition to the above.
  • I DID NOT iron this fabric directly, but rather hovered my iron above the fabric and used lots of steam and my hands to press seams/ darts etc.
  • Following on from above, in lieu of fusible interfacing on the facings I used silk organza.
  • I chose to understitch the facings rather than topstitch as recommened in the pattern.

This was a more tricky fabric to work with but if you take your time and select a simple pattern you can do it.

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Semi-fitted pullover top has French darts, back keyhole closure, narrow hem and button and thread loop closing. A, B: Short sleeves. A: Contrast sleeves. B: Double-edged scalloped lace overlay.

Includes separate pattern pieces for A/B, C and D cup sizes.

Pattern Sizing:
8 – 24 (all sizes included in pattern).
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the fact it is  a simple pattern that you can do a lot with. I chose this particular pattern because it includes back/ neck facings and therefore I felt it would be a good choice for my silk velvet. I like the fact different cup sizes are included in the pattern. Nothing to dislike although distinguishing between sizes on the pattern sheet needs some concentration.
Fabric Used:
Silk/ viscose velvet (20% silk, 80% viscose).
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • 1 inch full arm adjustment
  • 1 inch sway back adjustment with removed length added back to lower hem
  • 1 inch added to length at hem and 0.5 inch to sleeve hems
  • Substituted silk organza for fusible interfacing at the facings
  • Moved bust dart down by 0.75 inches
  • Understitched facings rather than topstitching.
  • Handstitched all hems.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I might use this pattern again. Yes, I recommend.

I love this whole outfit: on trend, comfortable but stylish.

Are you making anything especially for the festive season?

Until soon.


Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167 Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Lurex Pants




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49 responses to “Butterick 6157 and Simplicity 1167: DIY Silk Velvet Tee and Jacquard Pants Trousers”

  1. JenL says :

    Very nice top for the holidays!

  2. Rachel says :

    What a great outfit. These look fabulous on you. Well done and I am sure you will get lots of wear.

  3. Gwen says :

    What a beautiful, flattering outfit! You are inspiring me to try to sew something in a stretch velvet. And also to try to make myself a pair of trousers.

  4. robbie says :

    Wow, such a beautiful outfit. I love textured fabric and your selections are lovely.

  5. Nita says :

    Elegant and casual at the same time…how perfect! I want to tell you how much I learn from following your posts. 🙂

  6. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    fantastic outfit, super luxe!

  7. Faye Lewis says :

    Your outfit is pretty and festive! Happy birthday BTW.

  8. Amanda S. says :

    Wow! You look amazing! I love this outfit!! Also I’ve been hunting and hunting for a good top pattern to use for a lovely piece of silk velvet in my stash. Expect an exact copy soon because this pattern is completely PERFECT for velvet. My velvet is dark green and I hope it looks as awesome as yours.

  9. didyoumakethat says :

    Stunning. You have the best taste. I’m in love with both fabrics.

  10. thesewingmiserablist says :

    Super classy Manju. Those trousers are a great fit too. Velvet ninjas now, eh?

  11. Tomasa says :

    What a beautiful, chic and elegant ensemble! Both pieces are gorgeous and fit you beautifully. I also love the necklace you are wearing.

  12. Margaret says :

    It looks so stylish yet relaxed. Thank you once again for such a comprehensive review.

  13. stitchedupsam says :

    Fabulous outfit Manju!

  14. Rosa Andrew says :

    Fabulous outfit, thanks for sharing. finding your blogs so inspiring!

  15. danvillegirl says :

    I love your top! The fit looks great. The facings were perfect for this type fabric. Thanks for pointing out these two sellers on eBay!

  16. Myra says :

    This is a gorgeous top! and absolutely adorable pants too! You really worked your sewing machine with this outfit, love everything about it!

  17. splichala says :

    I think you have outdone yourself with this ensemble. It looks like it cost 100’s (US) of dollars. The color, cut, and fabric are perfect.

  18. La Vonda C says :

    Wowzers, that is a million-dollar outfit! The colors, the textures, the fit, all of it–absolutely perfect. I like the animal print punch too.

  19. Knitknit says :

    I love this top. I Would like to make it with this for Christmas with this Suitan Red Soft Rayon-Silk Velvet I found at Mood Fabrics. I think it will be perfect.

  20. crab and bee says :

    I love this look – a festive but wearable outfit made from luxe fabrics is pretty much my holy grail for special occasions. Maybe it’s time for me have another try, seeing how well yours turned out!

    • sewmanju says :

      Definitely Morgan. Taking lux fabrics and making simple, comfortable, wearable shapes and styles can really help to make you feel stylish but not like a trussed turkey. haha

  21. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! says :

    It’s a lovely outfit! The fitting of your trousers is perfect. You must be pleased to have trouser fitting marked “accomplished!”

  22. Andrea says :

    That is a great fabric combo and the fit of both is spot on!

  23. Miss Celie says :

    This post just reminded me that I bought a vintage pressing mitt last month a d have no idea where it is. Love the velvet top and the snazzy slacks.

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