Kwik Sew K4111 and Burdastyle 06/2016 #140: DIY Green Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress and Girls Tie Front Blouse


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress


This dress was born out of Instagram: I saw the fabric on Fabricgodmother’s feed, and I couldnt resist the super saturated colour (hard to capture the true colour in these photographs) or the floral print, so I ordered 3 metres a couple of weeks back. This was one of those rare occassions when, as soon as the fabric arrived, I was determined to sew something from it. I had Kwik Sew K4111 in my stash and I thought the crepe paired with the tulip skirt and feminine bodice would work well together. Also, I am no horticultural expert, but aren’t they tulips on the fabric? Seemed like a match made in heaven to me.


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress

I am super pleased with the fit I got on this dress, which I tissue fitted. I love the tulip skirt. It is very secure, with the underlap being sewn into the side seam, so even if the front were to inadvertently blow up, you won’t be showing anything you shouldn’t. Also, I LOVE the facings and the instructions which showed you how to get a completely clean, machine finish all around the armholes. Magic! Be bored with several pictures just of the inside:


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress – back facing (don’t ask me why I bought a purple zipper! It’s a good thing I am pretty good at sewing a concealed zipper in, because you can’t tell from the outside)


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress – front facing


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress – clean finish armhole


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress

I just love the finished dress, even if I am sad that the summer seems all but over for us and so I don’t know how much opportunity I will have to wear this until next year.


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Dresses have bodice with partial gathers at waist seam, scoop neckline, back zipper, overlapping front tulip skirts with pleats, back darts and stitched hems. Neckline and armholes are finished with facings. Self-fabric belt. A: Sleeveless with neckline notch and topstitching at armhole. B: Self-faced cap sleeves.

I made view B.

Pattern Sizing:<


I cut a size L through the shoulders and  bust and graded out over the waist and hips.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes. I particularly love the facings and the clean (machine) finish you achieve around the armholes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I love the finished dress. I love the tulip skirt – very feminine – and also very secure, with the underlap portion sewn into the side seam of the dress. As mentioned above, love the finish inside with the facings. Love the overall drafting. Nothing to dislike.

Fabric Used:

Polyester crepe.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • Graded out slightly (total 3 inches) over the hips.
  • 1 inch FBA, rotating the formed dart into the waist for extra gathers there.
  • 5/8ths inch full bottom adjustment on the back skirt piece.
  • Lengthened skirt 1.5/8ths inch.
  • Used an invisible zipper.
  • Staystitched neckline – no mention of this in the instructions.
  • I think I did a sway back adjustment of approx. 1 inch?

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I might sew again, maybe? I highly recommend.


I think this dress is super cute and feminine. Sometimes that’s nice 🙂


Kwik Sew K4111 Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress

Now, there was a little bit of fabric left over so I thought, seeing as I had the machine threaded up etc, why not whizz up a little top for Kezia?


Burda Style 06/2016 #140 girls tie front blouse

I used Burdastyle 06/2016#140 and there isn’t a great deal to say about it. It’s a simple, boxy top with cut on sleeves and incorporates a tie front. Of course the instructions were confusing and I think they intended for you to finish those front ties using a facing, but I could not be bothered to figure it out so I just did a narrow hem around the ties. It’s not my finest sewing but it works, and it will probably survive more washes than the time Kezia will fit into this top, the rate at which she is growing! Just for reference, this top was cut at the 140 cm height size.


Burda Style 06/2016 #140 girls tie front blouse


Burda Style 06/2016 #140 girls tie front blouse

Have a great week everyone!

Until soon.





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31 responses to “Kwik Sew K4111 and Burdastyle 06/2016 #140: DIY Green Floral Crepe Tulip Skirt Dress and Girls Tie Front Blouse”

  1. Anonymous says :

    What pretty fabric! This looks so lovely on you. Thank you for showing how you sewed the facings, because I like to see and learn new ideas. Oh, and pretty shoes and clever idea for the blouse for your daughter. What fun!

  2. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    this is dress is fantastic, a simple shape but really pretty and shows off that fabric so well. Love it on you.

  3. robbie says :

    So beautiful! Love floral crepe for dresses and skirts. Glad you showed the inside seaming–neatly done. (I’m always interested in garment interiors-lol). I have a few Kwik Sew patterns and I think they are well constructed and give great sewing directions.

  4. idaaidasewing says :

    what an interesting design, love how neat this dress is on the inside and offcourse how pretty it is in the outside. Your daughter looks so trendy and cute in her new top!

  5. danvillegirl says :

    This is lovely fabric, I can understand why you buy a lot of it. Great looking dress and your daughter’s top looks good also. i like that tie front at the waistline for the top!

  6. Tomasa says :

    Oh this dress is beautiful and you look GORGEOUS in that green color. And oh my, your little girl is growing up fast!

  7. M Vae says :

    Lovely dress, love the facing as well. 🙂

  8. Mags says :

    Love your dress (in fact just ordered the pattern, but for next summer probably! You really suit that colour and like you I really like the neat insides. Definite winner.

  9. Diane G @dreamcutsew says :

    I’m a huge fan of tulips and I love the print on this fabric. Your dress looks fab and the insides are as pretty as the outsides 🙂

  10. Debbie Cook says :

    ” I LOVE the facings”

    Now there’s a sentence you rarely read on sewing blogs! But I agree … it looks fantastic on the inside as well as the outside.

    Beautiful dress/style/color on you. I hope your summer returns and you get to wear it before next year.

  11. PatsyPoo says :

    Gorgeous girls, dress and top. Fabric really is stunning and I love the little family story attached to it you shared on ig recently. Those all in one facings are great, aren’t they? I think I want to try and draft my own next time I have a sleeveless pattern to sew.

  12. Lynne says :

    Loving your dress and top, and the fabric is fabulous! Loving the colours.

  13. Sam says :

    This is such a lovely dress on you. 🙂 Sam the Aussie

  14. Andie W. says :

    Those facings are amazing! I love the finished dress and the top looks great on Kezia! Such a lovely fabric for the two of you!

  15. Amanda S. says :

    That fabric… Drooling over here. Amazing color on your dark skin! It’s a lovely summer dress with simple details. Nice job!!

    • sewmanju says :

      Thanks Amanda. It’s just a shame our summer has been a bit of a wash out. Are you in Texas? Hope you’re not too badly affected by the hurricane.

  16. abbey says :

    That’s a great dress on you…and your daughter is so lucky to have such a talented mum. 🙂

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