Kwik Sew 4015: DIY Floral Print Shower Curtain Hooded Rain Jacket Anorak


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain

Hi Friends,

I think its been more than a month since my last blog post…life has been (and continues to be) busy! Kezia and I have been to the USA to attend my cousin’s wedding, and there is a post to come on the Indian outfit I made for that, but today I wanted to share a hooded anorak I made using Kwik Sew 4015 and two floral printed shower curtains, purchased from Marks and Spencers (now sold out but lots of others to choose from). Why shower curtains? I just couldn’t find anything in a shower proof fabric that had a print on it that I liked. You all know me: I like a floral print.

First up, I need to thank Ange from Blacklabel blog for kindly sending this pattern to me. Sewing friends are the best! I probably wouldn’t have bought this pattern myself, but, with some modifications, it turned out to be a corker.


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain

What I didn’t realise when I bought the shower curtains, was, that actually the design ran centrally down the length of the curtain, so I needed to be careful with my cutting out to balance the design across the jacket. There was a fair bit of waste. I did spend quite a bit of time cutting this jacket out using a single layer layout, and using cut pieces to get matching mirror image pieces. I think it worked out ok in the end.


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain

As designed, this jacket is intended to be lined edge to edge, with the lining providing a pop of contrast against the outer jacket fabric. I decided I didn’t want that kind of look, so I drafted a facing for the front as well as the hood. I also added elasticated cuffs and extra eyelets under the arms for ventilation.


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain – front facings and lining


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain – lining


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain – underarm eyelets


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain – elasticated cuff


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain – hood eyelet detail

One thing I would say to watch out for, is sewing the side slits: I found it hard to get the slits even on either side. I used a walking foot and french seams for most of the construction, just because I thought that would make the jacket a bit more water resistant. This is not a jacket that I would wear in heavy downpours, but light summer showers, and I think it serves that purpose well enough. It is a true shower curtain shower proof jacket 🙂


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Jackets have long sleeves. A: Stand-up collar, button closures and purchased bias binding. B: High-low hem, lined with contrast fabric, has patch pockets, hood with drawstring in casing and snap closures.

I made view B.

Pattern Sizing:


I made a straight size XL – I could perhaps have done a FBA but I think I have just about got away without one.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes,  but with some minor modifications.

Were the instructions easy to follow?


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

This really is one of those patterns where you need to look beyond the envelope styling and check out the line drawings and use your imagination! I am very happy with the finished garment. I could see me making this again maybe in a solid waxed cotton? It is a cute, casual jacket. Love the hood too. Where I live, with the amount of rain we get,  hooded jackets are a must. There does seem to be a slight discrepancy in the length of the front and back shoulder seams, and also the dots for the side slits don’t seem to match.

Fabric Used:

Two floral shower curtains for the outer, with a polyester lining. I was worried it might feel too hot and sticky, but really, it doesn’t.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • 1 inch sway back adjustment, with the removed length added back to the hem.
  • Drafted facings for the front and hood.
  • French seam construction.
  • I did use an iron with iron-in interfacing and a silk organza press cloth throughout.
  • Added elastic cuffs.
  • Added extra eyelets under the arms for ventilation.
  • TIP: I avoided using pins and used pattern weights to cut out and quilting clips to hold pieces together.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I might sew again. Yes. I recommend.


Who says rainwear has to be boring? I love my summery fun jacket that brightens up even the dullest of days.


Kwik Sew 4015 floral hooded anorak made using a shower curtain

Hopefully it won’t be so long before the next post. I am now all about sewing for autumn…it is definitely autumn weather here. Until soon.






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40 responses to “Kwik Sew 4015: DIY Floral Print Shower Curtain Hooded Rain Jacket Anorak”

  1. Margy says :

    I really enjoy your blog because you actually flip the garment inside out so we can see what it looks like inside. As someone who aspires to your level, it is extremely helpful to see all the details inside and outside.

  2. srra says :

    What an inspired fabric choice!!

  3. Julie Culshaw says :

    Very nice jacket and a smart use of fabric. Kwik Sew patterns are great, I am usually very pleased with them, but their illustrations leave much to be desired.

  4. goodbyevalentino says :

    Mark & Spencer would be pleasantly surprised to see their shower curtains put to such creative use! Lovely jacket, Manju and the facings work beautifully 🙂

  5. Peggy S says :

    Looks great!!

  6. Thimberlina says :

    I absolutely love this jacket! You really are an inspiration! I keep thinking I’d like to make some kind of shower proof skirt to wear over my skort when I’m golfing in the summer, I bet a shower curtain would be perfect 😍

  7. Catherine says :

    What a great jacket! The shower curtain is perfect for the anorak and beautiful, too.

  8. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says :

    so clever to use the shower curtains – very cute.

  9. Debbie Cook says :

    What a great idea! Your “shower proof” jacket is very pretty. I like how you placed the florals.

  10. Diane G @dreamcutsew says :

    Such a great result Manju! I love the pattern placement and the fit is fab.

  11. Amanda S. says :

    This is such an improvement over a traditional boring rain jacket and an amazing idea to use a shower curtain! I’ve looked at making a waterproof jacket before but the fabrics are always too expensive. Love it!!

    • sewmanju says :

      Thanks Amanda. The cost on this jacket was really quite reasonable. Like I say I think for light showers it should be ok but I have plans to make a heavier duty one using Fabric I got in NYC

  12. Lynne says :

    This is lovely, and the print is just gorgeous. I love how you’ve matched it all, it looks brilliant. As you say, the pattern is one to look past the envelope illustration.

  13. Faye Lewis says :

    A shower curtain for your anorak – brilliant! You deserve a prize. Love the underarm eyelets idea too.

  14. Trisha says :

    I agree this is a much overlooked pattern, probably due to terrible envelope photos! I am just finishing the quilted jacket version (waiting on snap fasteners) and I already have the fabric for the rain jacket.

  15. Mags says :

    Ok, that’s really creative and it looks great. It would never have occurred to me and the finished garment is so unique!

  16. Paul says :

    What size eyelets did you use for the underarm vent?

  17. Colesworth says :

    Love this – love you you used the pattern on the back ;o)

  18. PatsyPoo says :

    It’s so lovely. And I’m so impressed that they were shower curtains. Who’d have thunk it?

  19. Tomasa says :

    What a beautiful rain jacket and how clever to use shower curtains – definitely waterproof!

  20. Sew Jean Margaret says :

    This rain jacket turned out perfectly. I love the print and the way you have placed it. Excellent work !

  21. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas says :

    This turned out SO. GOOD. And those insides….impeccable!

    As always, your makes inspire me!

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