Simplicity 8019 and Jalie 3461 Eleonore Jeans: DIY Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt and Red Jeggings


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt (worn with a new white cotton shirting Archer shirt)

Hello Dear Friends,

It’s been too long! The blasted British weather has meant I have not been able to take any decent blog photographs for ages but today I braved the wind and chill to snap these photos. The lighting was not ideal , and of course, as I type this the sun has come out, but hey ho.


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt

I am totally thrilled with how this skirt has turned out. The pattern is Simplicity 8019, a reissued 70s pattern, and I have made it in the most glorious chestnut brown real suede leather. Really, when I wear this piece I feel very…luxurious. And, oh yes, I made the white cotton shirting Archer shirt as well.


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt

First, let me say that I actually made this pattern up first in some faux suede, as a wearable muslin. Sorry, but you are only going to get a hanger shot of it. Full review below, but what I will say is that this pattern is quite a neat fit at the waist/ high hip/ tummy area. The muslin fits me, but for the real suede version I sized up slightly at the waist/ high hip. If you carry any extra weight in these areas be warned! Now I have made the real suede version of course this faux suede one is just not comparable: it has quite a bit of static and yep, I just don’t love it the way I do the real suede one.


Simplicity 8019: DIY Faux Suede Button Front Skirt

So, I bought 3 skins of chestnut suede totalling 42 square feet from Le Prevo Leathers in Newcastle, and you can read about my previous epxeriences of sewing with leather in this post here. Pretty much whatever I wrote in that post for sewing and interfacing leather holds true for this suede. I could probably have got away with only buying 2 skins but because of the nap and shape of the pattern pieces I had to go for 3. The snaps on this real suede version were also purchased from Le Prevo.

This real suede version is fully lined in a viscose lining (a remnant from a previous project). I also added hanger loops made from the lining fabric.


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt – full viscose lining

The hem (on the suede) was interfaced and I did a narrow 5/8ths inch hem. I found the deeper hem recommended by the pattern (2 inches) difficult to ease in with the faux suede version and this narrow hem was easier to control. I used specialised leather sewing thread (also bought from Le Prevo) and a stitch length of 4.0 for construction and topstitching.


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt – Hem and lining detail


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt – Snaps and topstitching detail


Pattern Review

Pattern Description:
These front-gored buttoned skirts from the 1970’s can be made retro with flowy floral prints, or modern in linen or lightweight denim. Skirt can also be made in four lengths. Vintage Simplicity sewing pattern.
Pattern Sizing:
6 – 24
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes…but there were things I didn’t like. See below.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love my final version made in real suede leather. But I made a muslin first (from faux suede) and the fit was slightly off and I didn’t like some aspects of the construction. Nothing to dislike as such. Its a great look.
Fabric Used:
Faux suede for the muslin and real suede leather for the final version lined in viscose lining. I purchased 3 skins of suede totalling 42 square feet. There is a lot of left-over suede but due to the nap and shape of the pattern pieces I could not have got away with just 2 skins.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I found this pattern to be a neat fit at the waist/ high hips/ tummy area and would recommend making a muslin first if you carry any weight in these areas! For the real suede leather version I sized up slightly at the waist and high hip.

I didn’t like the way the pattern had you put the waist band on first and then finish the button facings. When I made it second time around I did the topstitching on the button facings first and then added my waist band. I also fully lined the skirt on the second version and used snaps rather than buttons.

I found the 2 inch hem hard to ease in on the faux suede version so I removed 2 inches from the length on the real suede leather version and did a narrow 5/8ths inch hem.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I may make it again…I think it would look great in denim, corduroy or even a flowing viscose for summer. Yes I recommend.

Love, love, love my final version. It feels so luxurious. I can see me wearing this in the summer with a light top and sandals and with boots and a cropped sweater in the winter. Now I want to sew a wardrobe of things just to wear with it.


Simplicity 8019: Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt worn with a new white cotton shirting Archer shirt.

So, I also wanted to share my third pair of Jalie pull on Eleonore jeans. I did’t feel they warranted an entire post of their own. Check out my last pair here. This pair was made exactly the same way except for the fact that I shortened the back elastic by a further 1.5 inches or so. The fit is spot on, but these are made from a cotton/ spandex and personally, I don’t think they are quite as flattering as the black denim ones. They will still get worn, especially when it warms up.


Jalie 3461 Elenore DIY Pull on Jeans Jeggings.


Jalie 3461 Elenore DIY Pull on Jeans Jeggings.

What possessed me to wear red and blue I don’t know? Anyway, have a great week ahead and happy sewing!

Until soon…



48 thoughts on “Simplicity 8019 and Jalie 3461 Eleonore Jeans: DIY Real Suede Leather Button Front Skirt and Red Jeggings

  1. Wow, what a fabulous set of DIY clothes. They are all great, but I particularly like the skirt and white shirt. I feel encouraged to make a suede skirt myself!

  2. Just fabulous – nothing else to say!
    I live in Newcastle but have never yet been to Le Prevo Leathers – I’ve never sewn with leather but it’s on my wish list – for after the wedding, of course!

  3. Your suede skirt is gorgeous. It must be very luxurious to wear. I have been tempted by the Jalie pull on jeans. I have made their other jean many a time.

  4. I love it when you post! I have a3/4 length swuade leather skirt and at the moment it’s to small. There’s no forgiving in this fabric. It made me feel so rich in everything when I wore it. I understand what you are saying. The color is strikingly fabulous and same with the lining. How fun!
    I always show my husband your posts, lol. I’m just at the point where I’m learning about fit. There’s so much I want to do and not enough time in a day!
    Great job on the shirt too. I make jewelry also and your outfit inspired me in a necklace to make. Don’t you just want me made everything! Do you ever get so inspired you want to explode. I’ve been fortunate to inherent enough supplies to fill a store, sometimes I need a good slap and a deep breath to stop the room from spinning. I wish there was a way for my bloggers to all get together for an afternoon and have a sew along!

  5. Frabjus skirt – fantastic make!
    Can’t believe you could wear it in summer. I’d “glow” right through it over here. LOVE the fabric & admire your skills greatly!
    Not forgetting those lovely jeans, either. 😉

    • Thanks Priya. No I don’t want to make you one 🙂 but if you are brave enough to try making one for yourself this is one of the simplest patterns you could try. Try it in faux suede, denim or corduroy first.

  6. I freaking love your skirt too! Also I just had a lightbulb moment of what to do with a very lux piece of faux suede that I’ve been contemplating for awhile now – a skirt with snaps! So thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Thanks Tasha. So for the muslin I used the snaps I always use from a company called hemline. They are all I can get where I live and they are very hit and miss as to how they go in. For the suede version I bought snaps from the leather place. What a difference! Not only cheaper but much better quality (Italian), went it so smoothly (unless I have just got better!) and feel much more robust. Just look much better quality too. Going to stock up on snaps from there next time I am back there.

  7. That suede skirt is luxurious, it’s sooooo gorgeous. Your top stitching is perfection. I made this pattern as well and also thought it was around hips and belly button, and longer than expected. I need to make it in suede like you did.

  8. Wow! Your skirt is utterly glorious- I want one! I’m off to Newcastle on Saturday and I’m tempted to investigate that leather shop!What are you going to do with your suede offcuts?

    • Thanks Corrine. I would really recommend this pattern for a first go at working with leather because no pockets, zips or button holes to deal with and few pieces. As to what I do with the scraps. Hmmm not sure. This leather is quite fine I think otherwise it would have been perfect for bag making! Maybe I could do a suede fringed clutch? A purse? Any ideas?

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